Sunday, May 1, 2011

S'more BundleMonster + Sliders

Here's some more images from the new BundleMonster plates. I didn't go in order. The images from plate BM-202 weren't really that exciting to me so I decided to try some images that I liked from other plates.

Sort of a floral tapestry design from plate BM-225. Quite liked this. Two coats of Cosline - 608, stamped with pastel purple Konad special polish.

This one didn't turn out like how I imagined it to be, but still nice. Image from plate BM-214. Two coats Etude House BL501, stamped with black Konad special polish.

Really loved the shoes when I saw them from the previews. Thought it would be too busy on all nails so I just stamped it as an accent on my ring finger. Image from plate BM-213, two coats Etude House PK006, one coat Etude House LUCIDarling something 01 something and stamped with ENAS black stamping polish.



Made these for my older brother's birthday yesterday. Baked the buns, ground the meat and pickled the cucumbers myself. Burgers were topped with swiss and cheddar cheeses and thousand island dressing.


  1. i love the middle one its very pretty :)

    shel xx

  2. Hiya Shel, thanks for all the comments.
    I really like the middle one too, but I wish I had planned out the pattern more. I also wish that Seche Vite didn't make it streaky. It kills me when that happens. Ruins a perfectly nice manicure.

  3. Tomorrow I am receiving this plate,
    I was happy with your designs with all B plates, so I can try them as well haha.
    Very nice!