Monday, May 9, 2011

Day at High Park

Picture heavy post about my day at High Park in Toronto.  Continue if you like, no nail pictures, that will be a separate post.

My friend and I decided that this year we'd go view the cherry blossoms at High Park so off we went for a picnic at the park.  Went from house to the park on the 501 streetcar, went into the park via the Queensway entrance right by Grenadier Pond.  In the pond we saw a couple of ducks and a swan.

After snapping some pics we went along our merry way and saw the cherry blossoms that lined the path.  Very pretty, but there weren't really that many trees.  It was hard to get snaps of the trees without people in them.  I also tried to take pictures with my Instax camera, but everything was overexposed.  Too much sunlight for my Instax.  I thought the batteries might finally be dying after 3/4 years, but they're still going strong since the photo I took when I got home was fine.

Saw a smaller pond by the big pond, but this one had frogs.  They were really loud.  There's three of them in this picture though it might be hard to tell.

Might be a bit difficult to see what I was snapping a picture of, but if you look at the rock in the centre you'll find a chipmunk.  This picture reminds me of Island School way back in grade 5 when I tried to take a picture of some other squirrelly animal.

Lunchtimes!  I made a bento filled with rice balls, kimchi pancake, egg battered zucchini, green onion pancake and a salad of pickled carrots and cucumbers.  Friend got two separate containers because she forgot to bring her bento box over, so lock and lock for her.  But she did bring the blanket and dessert.  I forget what was in it but some kind of yummy cake that was made with bread flour and some other flour, along with some vanilla yogurt with strawberries.  Friend also brought along glass bottles of Coca-Cola, but no bottle opener.  However, I was able to open them up with my little travel spoon and a push of my thumbs.

A tram/trackless train we saw while dining.  It tours around High Park.

After lunch on our way to view the cherry blossoms at another part of the park we went by the little zoo there.

More cherry blossoms, these ones were more pink than the ones by the pond.

On our way to the 506 streetcar stop we saw a woodpecker pecking at some wood.

That's it for my day at High Park.  Didn't visit all of High Park, but pretty much most of the southern part of the park.

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