Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liberty Charm

My friend who gifted me the polishes from Europe also gave me a teaspoon and butter spreader from Sabre Paris.  The butter spreader is a floral Liberty print and I thought it would be fun to try to replicate the print on my nails.

I didn't do a base colour, but maybe I should have, I dunno.  I was going to be doing super layered stamping so I thought a base colour wasn't needed  I used Wet N Wild Craze Mad-Styles, Etude House WH709 and WH708 to stamp on my nails multiple times until the the design was opaque.  I used my large plate, but the images I used can be found on Konad plates m60 and m64, the grid style images. I didn't count how many times I stamped on my nails, but quite a bit.  I wanted to achieve a woven fabric look, and I think it looks quite nice, though it turned out a bit dark.  The grey I used turned out darker than I thought it would when stamped.  The flowers were done using acrylic paint.  They look OK, but this style is not my forte. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Water Decals

I recently got some new water decals that sort of have a lacy look and could probably be done by hand.

First up is Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear Lacey Lilac with some black and white decals.  The decals are nice,  but kind of difficult to work with since they don't really move around like some other water decals I've used before.  Wherever you place the decal is where it's going to stay.  Kinda messed up on the ring finger, still looks OK though.

Another water decal, this time a more lacy look.  Used joe Seashell as the base colour.  I thought this look would be easily replicated so I quickly tried it out on a nail wheel.

The lace part would have probably looked better if I used a thinner pen nib, however this still looks alright.

Monday, September 12, 2011

EU Gifts

Long time no post.  I've just been kinda lazy and haven't really been taking pics of my manis in the past week or so.  So I now have a post that should've been posted sooner.  Some polishes from London and Paris from my friend.

At the end of August my friend went to London -> Brussels -> Paris for vacation and she picked up a few polishes for me.  I had wanted greens, oranges and yellows and this is what she gifted me.  Three Barry M polishes, three Top Shop polishes and three various French polishes.

Here are nail wheel swatches.  Some look like dupes of one another, but still different.  Kinda smudged Top Shop Bee's Knees so it looks rather sloppy in the pic.  All the polishes were really nicely pigmented.  Two or three (yellows) thin coats were needed for full coverage on nails.  Great polishes all around.

Here's a swatch of Barry M Spring Green on my nails.

My hand looks really tan in this photo, but the green looks lovely.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stamped Purple Gradient + Haul

Sponged on Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lively Lilac and Innisfree PU08, then a layer of Color Club Starry Temptress Top Coat.  Stamped using a Konad Princess Polish in not sure which colour using a full image design from a large plate B.


Wasn't really intending on buying new polishes while out shopping, but I ended up getting these four on separate shopping outings.

The Tip Toe polish was from Old Navy and I only got it 'cause my friend needed something to put her over 20$ so she could use a coupon to save 10$.  My swatch picture makes it look like it's kinda matte, but it's actually shiny.

On a different shopping trip I stopped by a Loblaws while killing time before heading to dinner and picked up a few joe polishes.  I picked up Seashell 'cause I thought it would be a perfect match to a dress that I was going to wear to a wedding and got Slate and Iris 'cause I liked the colours and it was three polishes for 10$.