Saturday, January 29, 2011

Copied! + New Glitter Polishes

Copied this nail look from 달빛샤워의 Coffee Break that I saw on Tumblr via kireinails - rainbow sponge. I was bored of the goldfishes and decided to do this. Can't help changing my nails up every few days. The purple, blue and green pretty much dominate and the pink is completely missing, nails aren't long enough.

Colours used: Innisfree - NBL04, joe - Powder Blue, joe - Mint, Innisfree - NYE05, frankened coral, joe - Kiss and Wet N Wild - Hallucinate.


Picked up some glitter polishes from a random dollar store that I'd never been to before. In the bottle they seem about the same. Differences - CR has more small glitters, thicker clear base and smells bad, SHE has hexagonal glitters and more of the red and blue glitters and doesn't really smell.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fishy New Year

I think this is a new and improved version of my old fish mani. Goldfishes and lotuses for good luck in the new year. A little googling let me know that a child holding a goldfish and a lotus flower is a symbol of an "abundance of gold and harmony"(1). Technically not holding the fish or the flower and also I'm technically not a child, but I still get red packets and having the two on my nails seems just as good.

Sponged on Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Marine Blue, a minty franken and Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear White On. Stamped the lotus from Konad plate m66 with pastel pink special polish. Was thinking about colouring in the lotus flower, but decided I liked it better with just a hint of pink, but I could paint it in later on. Lily pads were from the same plate and used Konad Princess Polish in green. The goldfishes were done with a 3D acrylic mold. Super messy on my left hand, but neater on my right. Was a bit out of practice when doing my left hand and then got the hang of it again when doing my right. Love the black, orange/red and white fishes, but best fish is the one on my right thumb. Least favourite fish is the gold one. In the picture, it looks more golden, but in real life it's like a dull mustard colour. Might take it off and replace it with a different one.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lunar Bunny Gradient

Only just realized that Chinese New Year was coming up next week when grocery shopping on Sunday at T&T. So I used some acrylic paint and did some bunnies on my previous manicure. Cute.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pink Glitter Gradient

Love gradient nails. Did one coat of Etude House PK006 (the bottle with the light pink cap) then used a sponge with stripes of the base colour, then PK012 (bright pink cap, from the Etude House VIP Girl line) and then PK002 (purple cap from the Etude House HD nails line). Topped it off with a frankened glitter polish of just iridescent white glitters.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nails from this past week.

Misplaced the usb cable for the camera so I couldn't upload any pictures, but it has been found now so here are nail pics from this past week.

Pink leopard to go with my pink leopard fleece blanket. Frankened pink as base and Konad pastel pink as stamping polish, Konad plate m57 used for the leopard print.

American Apparel - Palm Springs with Etude House LUCIDarling Gold polish on the ring finger. Not really loving Palm Springs. Looks more peachy on my nails than it does in the bottle. I don't think it goes go well with my skin tone.

Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear in Turquoise as the base colour, stamped over with Konad special polish in white. Plate used was Konad m79. I really like this. Have been sporting this for a few days.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Large Icicle

No nail picture today, just wanted to show this large icicle outside my window. It's so much larger than the surrounding icicles. Craziness. It's currently melting slightly due to the sun, perhaps it may get longer.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bows Dots Stripes

The original design (top right corner) is from the Nail Up!: National Nail Order Book 2011 that I downloaded from tokyo_jam. Changed the colours a bit and used fimo bows. This took a while to do and I really thought about giving up on it 'cause I really wasn't liking how it was turning out. But I kept at it and put some glitter on. Quite like it now, looks like a bunch of ribbons going across my nails. Two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear White On. For the stripes I used Etude House LUCIDarling polishes in colours I'm not too sure of 05 and 06, the names are probably something like shimmery mint and shimmery hot pink. LA Colors Art Deco polish in silver glitter for the glittery stripes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clouds and Birds

Thought that I would give freehanding with acrylic paint on my nails some more practice so I did something super easy. Even if I messed up the clouds or birds it wouldn't have been a big deal. Just make a bigger cloud or a fatter bird flying in the air. I would have liked to have kept my previous mani for longer, but the bow fell off while sleeping. Will probably do that one again. This mani I like too. Thought I would just do it and then take it off, but I've kept it on even with some chippage from opening pistachios. Two coats Innisfree NBL03, there's a name in Korean, but I don't know it, probably _____ blue. Then white, black and silver Oumaxi acrylic paint.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Polka Dotted Office

Current nails, two coats of American Apparel - Office, stamped over with Konad special polish black using the polka dots from plate m79. I also tried to make an acrylic bow without the 3D molds. It's a little crappy, but I quite like it and it was super easy to do. It's also much lighter on my nail than the bow from the mold. Although I'm not sure how well this bow will hold up on my nail. I think I will need to get some nail glue to keep it on or something. There's less surface area from the bow touching my nail. Definitely need to practice more free hand acrylic 3D nail, like it more than the molds.

American Apparel Haul + Mani

Here's a recent haul from American Apparel. First time trying them and I really like them. Polishes I got were in order from the top left to bottom right - Cameo Blue, Malibu Green, Factory Grey, Office, Palm Springs, Rose Bowl, Poppy and Rouge.

It's been snowy here recently so I thought I would do a wintry manicure. Did one coat with Factory Grey and then sponged on Cameo Blue. Used Konad special polish in black with plate HB33 for the silhouette of the town. For the snowflakes and the stars I used plates HB23 and HB39 and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White for stamping. Then I topped everything with a NYC glow in the dark polish thinking that it would make the snowflakes and stars glow, but the whole nail ended up being glow in the dark. The NYC polish also dulled the colours down giving them a more dusty feel.

Here are plates that I used.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Copied! Faux Lace

Last post for today. Saw this faux lace design on Emerald Sparkled's website - NOTD: Pseudo Lace Nails and decided to copy it. I only did it on two of my nails 'cause I thought it would be a bit too busy for me on all my nails. Used joe - Nude as the base colour and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White as the stamping colour. Plates used were M79, M71 and M57. To get the faux laceness the netting pattern from M57 was stamped first and then the floral wall paper like pattern from M71 was stamped on top. Really like the look of it and will probably do it again in the future.

Last of a Franken

Base colour is a from a franken I did a long time ago and used quite often. Just had enough for one last mani. It bubbled quite a bit. Tried to use a photo where you couldn't really see the bubbles. Don't really remember what I had used to make the franken, but it was one of my favourites. Used the glitter franken from my previous post to layer over top on my index finger. Super simple. This was my mani that I had for New Year's Eve.

Fig Fimos

I received a bunch of fimo canes for Christmas so I did a manicure using a few of them. They're okay to use. The flower is kinda ripped in the above picture, but they stayed on fairly well until I went to remove them. joe - fig as the base colour and a frankened glitter over top. Don't think I'll be using fimos often, most aren't really designs that I like. I think they would be more useful for decoden stuff. Maybe use 'em to decorate a compact or a mirror or something else small.

Nails During Christmas

Long time no blog. Hard to get back into the blogging mood when you've taken a break for a while. Anyway, this is what I had on my nails for most of the Christmas holidays. Two images from two different cameras. Wasn't really happy with any of the photos, but I also wasn't too pleased with the mani, but I lived with it. Sally Hansen Xtreme wear - Flirt as the base and a frankened gold for the stamping colour. The stamping plate that I used was from my Beauties Factory haul, HB35.

Sorries for the dirty looking plate. This plate has a bunch of ornaments and stuff that was good for Christmas manis. The large image is good for long nails, but it's not really that wide. Well, not wide enough for my thumb anyway. For my thumb I should have just randomly placed the individual images to fill up the space, but I was probably too lazy to do so.

I've got a few other things to post up so, expect a bunch of posts coming up.