Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Stripe-y Bows

I really liked the stripe-y bows from the last mani so I did it again with all the neon polishes from the mini Kleancolor set Candy Cast.

Colors Used:
Both hands - 5 Black and 4 White from the Wicked Sweet mini set and black and white acrylic paint.
Left hand - 20 Neon Pink, 20 Neon Orange and 153 Neon Amethyst
Right hand - 18 Neon Yellow, 14 Neon Aqua and 204 Neon Lime

The colors look a bit washed out in my photos.  They’re brighter in real life and the yellow and lime do look different though you can’t tell from the picture.

I thought I didn’t like neons, but after using the Kleancolor minis I’ve changed my mind.  I’m glad I tried out some neons ‘cause otherwise I might have passed up on the Wicked Sweet set of scented Color Club polishes.  I saw them the other at my local Winners while out shopping with my mom and picked up the seven piece set.  I also picked up a mini Color Club set with 4 neon polishes.  Will have some pictures posted up in my next post.

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