Friday, April 29, 2011

BundleMonster Plate BM-201

Played around with the BundleMonster plates yesternight. Quick pics of what the full size images look like on my nails. Love the bigger size, but too bad my thumb is a bit too wide for the width of the images just like the Konad plates.

This is plate BM-201. Plate was kinda dirty when I took the pic so I super brightened the picture and added in some vignetting.

Mini Kleancolor polishes from the Wicked Witch set, in 101 Concrete Grey and 4 White. Never used Kleancolor polishes before and they were great. Went on smoothly and only needed one coat. When I saw that they were pretty pigmented I thought I would try stamping with them. The white wasn't that great, but the grey seems like it would be good for going on light coloured polishes.

Tried stamping with colours used as base colour again, this time with joe Sun Kissed and Gunmetal. I really like this swirly pattern. Sun Kissed as a stamping polish kind of resembles the Konad gold special polish.

I believe in the older set of plates there's an image with just a single flower that's similar to the flowers in this full nail design. I think I might have used a similar colour combo with that image. The picture isn't on this blog, but it is on my tumblr. Base colour = Cosline 709, stamped with yellow Konad special polish.

Lastly, my favourite of the lot. Did a sponged gradient with four colours from another set of mini Kleancolors - Candy Cast, 153 Neon Amethyst, 20 Neon Pink, 19 Neon Orange and 18 Neon Yellow. Loved the polishes, dabbed the sponge on my nails once and they were completely covered. The wavy lines, stamped with black Konad special polish, helped to enhance the gradient-ness. Too bad while putting on a top coat it got streaky, but still very nice.


That is all, I didn't stamp with the small images from the plate. I dunno if I'll do this with every single plate, it was rather time consuming.


  1. although you say this was time consuming i bet you still had lots of fun lol :)

    i love the gradient mani the most and because its already a busy design you don't really see the streakiness :)

    shel xx

  2. WOW! I just discovered your blog, and I'm watching all your BundleMonster manicures. This one is SO beautiful!! Ver nice and creative!