Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nerdy Kitty

Did something new instead of keeping the dented mani. Plus I had to file down my right thumb nail after bowling on Friday night. The nail had split at the sides from bowling.

Nerdy Hello Kitty.  Inspiration from a candy tin.  Base colour is Cosline - 607.  Acrylic paint plus some additional polishes for the bow (joe - Powder Blue), nose (L.A. Girls - Pineapple) and the nose/bridge of the glasses (American Apparel - Factory Grey). Was gonna use a stamping plate for it, but I couldn't get it to stamp properly so I used some acrylic paint it on.


  1. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.
    Look at my blog, will be an honor to have her as a follower!!


  2. Cute! I love Hello Kitty. :)