Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green on Green + Nude Stars

I've got a couple of manis to show today and first up is this sort of festive green on green one.  Two coats or maybe three of Barry M Spring Green with Color Club Perfectly Mol-Ten as the stamping colour.  I used SHANY plate SH20 for the pattern.  This pattern is wide enough for my thumb, but it's kind of on the short side.  Perfect coverage for shorter nails, longer nails would need to be double stamped.

Next up a nude colour with some sparkly stars.

Nails are still short so I thought I would change the shape for a more elongated and feminine look.  Three coats of joe Latte as the base.  For the stars I used a flimsy piece of plastic (scotch tape works too) and painted on a layer of Color Club Gingerbread (polish on left).  Waited for that to dry and then painted half of it with Color Club Take the Stage.  After everything was dried I peeled off the dry polish and used a star paper punch to punch out the stars.  Put some top coat on the area that I wanted the star and then placed the star on top.  Finished it off with two coats of top coat.

Here's a slightly better look at the stars.

I think I've done something similar to this before, but I can't remember when.  It's probably somewhere

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa + Reindeers Stamped

I used images from SHANY plates, the flying reindeer from SH13 and the Santa face from SH03.  I'm not sure if it's suppose to be Santa's face or just a bearded old man's face.  I thought it was going to turn out smaller, but it filled up most of my shorter pinky nail.

Two coats Etude House LUCIDarling 04 Indigo Blue, stamped with Konad white and added a little bit of Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe to add some sparkle.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Awesome AA Polish Deal

Hey just a quick post to share with you guys a teambuy coupon. You can get 5 American Apparel polishes for 15$.  You can buy a coupon to use in store or online.  Limited to one for yourself and two as gifts.  The coupons are good till March 12, 2012.  There's 4 more days left to purchase the coupon and this may be limited to within Canada only.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Angel + SHANY Stamping Plates

A friend helped me buy these plates and sent them to me from the U.S.

First read about Red Angel plates from Canadian Nail Fanatic and the SHANY plates I read about from omgnoodles.   I haven't really stamped with the plates all that much yet.  I broke two nails trying to remove the battery cover from a cordless phone.  So I have shortie nails and haven't really been painting my nails much.  Waiting for them to grow a bit longer 'cause I they are too short for my liking.

There are 21 plates in the Red Angel set, 12 plates with full nail designs, 2 with french tips and 7 plates with individual images.  The plates are the same size as Konad and BundleMonster plates, but they have no backing to them.  Not really a problem I just use some contact paper/drawer liner to cover the backs.  The plates stamp perfectly fine.  The full nail designs aren't wide enough for my thumb, but I take that as a norm.  Some or maybe most of the individual images are quite large so if you've got short nails it may fill up all or most your nail.  A few images might be slightly similar to those of Konad and BundleMonster.  Also I mislabeled the numbering of the plates, they should read like RA 120.

There are 25 plates in the SHANY set, 5 full nail designs, 1 french tip and 19 plates with individual images.  These plates are OK.  Some of the designs here are also slightly similar to Konad or BundleMonster.  The plates are slightly smaller than other plates and also have no backing.  The blue film that covers the top of the plate is very difficult to peel off.  But once you've lifted a large enough section off the edges you can pull it off in one large piece.  A few plates also have random scratches/dents on them, but they don't affect the images, the scratches are often in between them.  Everything stamps just fine, except for the french tips, but I think that's more user error on my part.  The full nail designs vary in size, some cover my entire thumb while others don't.  Weird, but that's how it is.

And a bit of a comparison between Konad, BundleMonster, Red Angel and SHANY plates.  They all seem to have a similar full nail circle pattern so you can compare the images and stamp sizes.

Looking at RA 105 it's not really circles, but looks close enough.  If I ever wanted to do various circular patterns on my nails all at once I've got options to make them all different.

And finally a nail look using one of the plates.  The last mani before the breakage.

Not quite centred, but still like.  Two coats American Apparel Poppy stamped with Konad special polish in blue and Red Angel plate RA 105.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Owl

I was working on a different owl design, but it wasn't working out so I did a simple owl in a tree.  The owl was suppose to be smaller, but the acrylic paint kept spreading into the branches so it gradually got bigger.

Three coats of Cosline 303 and black acrylic paint.

Fairly short post today, but the next post will be bigger.  I recently purchased some new nail plates from Shany and Red Angel, they arrived yesterday so I'll show some images from those plates.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Minty Faux Marbling + More Nail Max

Didn't really like this when I first did it, but it grew on me.  I sponged on Wet N Wild Craze Undercover Graffiti and Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear Mint Sorbet.  The Undercover Graffiti got lost in the sponging, but you can still sort of see it.  Then I did a layer of KleanColor Holo Green.  Once that was dry, which took a while, I stamped on the draggy marbling design from large plate b or Konad m78 with Konad special polish in white and then again with Mint Sorbet.  The Mint Sorbet overlaps the white polish a bit so the white bits aren't super bright and you can see the mint stamp more.


Three more designs from the December issue of Nail Max.

My favourite is the last one.  I think the characters are just too cute, but my versions are definitely less cute looking than the ones in the magazine.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sparkly Fame and Fortune + Nail Max X-mas

Here's Color Club Fame and Fortune layered over two coats of a holo franken that I did ages ago.  The franken is sort of sheer so the Color Club really deepens the pink.  The large flecks of glitter plus the small holo glitter looks great in real life, but sort of dull in picture.  My camera can't capture sparkliness.  Had this on my nails for a few days.  When I first saw Fame and Fortune I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it, but I am loving this combo and will probably like it layered over other polishes too.


Was browsing through the December issue of Nail Max and decided to try out a few of their Christmas designs.  I wasn't ready to take off glitter yet so I did them on nail wheel.

Here are a couple that I did.  Christmas-y, but not CHRISTMAS-Y.  And super easy.  Except for the words.  I think Konad has a nail stamp image for the words 'Merry Christmas', but I'm not sure which plate at the moment.  I don't have it so I can't use it.  I used a silver polish for the words, but I think I might need to pick up some metallic acrylic paint that I saw at the Dollarama.  It would be easier to use when writing out words.  I did a few more so I show them in another post.