Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Simple

Just a simple bow on my ring finger for this mani. Wanted to try out using glitter and clear acrylic powder. Bow turned out better than my last try. Two coats of Color Club - Pretty in Platinum.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nails are currently stubs. Had a break whilst shopping so I had to get 'em all down to stubs since the difference in length was too great.

This is VOV Nail Cone It Girl's polish in 1408A Fantastic Moon. It's like a dark purple-y blue. Had it just plain for a day and then I added some owls and glitter to my nails.

For some strange reason the blue from underneath sort of seeped through to the surface. I dunno what was happening. Picture from the night before on the left, you can clearly see the yellow of the moon and the whites of the owls aren't bluish in tint. Weirdness. Polishes used for owls:
American Apparel - Factory Grey (ring finger)
Dabo - GR910 (thumb)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
Etude House LUCIDarling - Something 02
Innisfree - YE07
L.A. Girls - Pineapple (also used for the moon)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Black Satin
Dabo WH903.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Post - Pink and Girly

Did this some time last week, but just didn't get around to posting it up till now. Hello Kitty - PK01 as the base colour, stamped with joe - Coral and ENAS white stamping polish. Rubber stampers A15 and A17 were used.

The polish was meh, three coats for full coverage. Maybe two if they're thick coats. Getting slightly better at the stamping.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ENAS Nail Stylists Stamps

First up, here's a picture of the process of how the stamp works.

1. Put some polish on the stamp. The kits I bought came with three colours each, but you can use pretty much any polish.
2. You don't actually need to put that much polish on, just enough to cover lightly will do.
3. To get rid of excess polish stamp it on some paper.
4. Once the excess is gone you're ready to stamp or do some clean up/remove some details you don't want to stamp with an orange stick/tooth pick.
5. Voila, stamped.

Here's the first manicure I did late Monday night. Messy and bubbly. Sponged on Cosline 207 (dark coral), 212 (peachy orange) and 211 (pastel yellow). Then I used American Apparel - Poppy for the butterflies and the flowers. The stems of the flowers is a green from NeedMe, no number on it. Rubber stamp A23 was used.

Next up, current nails.

Paw prints and bear face. Cosline 705 as the base colour stamped with two NeedMe polishes, one dark brown and one beige brown. Rubber stamp A15. This was a little difficult to do 'cause I had a hard time with the placement of the individual small paws. I also had a problem with using the right pressure to stamp, so it'd get all smudged and I had to start all over or parts of the stamp didn't transfer. Still learning.

Cosline polishes - Three coaters, but they dry rather quickly.
ENAS Nail Stylist stamps - Okay, but I think I prefer using plates more. Storage is easier for plates too. I'll continue using them, not sure if I would buy more, but who knows.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Korean Polish Haul

Recently made an order on Gmarket and picked up me some new nail stamping things and quite a bit of polish. Ordered at the end of January, but because of the Lunar New Year I didn't get my packages until today.

I saw these ENAS rubber nail stamps and thought they were quite interesting and decided to try them out. I bought two kits from the only seller that I could find, (주)오케이아하. There are individual stamps that you can buy too, but I wanted to try out the kits before deciding to buy more. Price wise they're the same as Konad plates. I haven't played with them much yet, but so far it's pretty hit or miss for me. Need more practice.

A box full of Cosline polishes. I thought these were mini polishes when I bought them, but they're actually about 14mL or 15mL full size polishes. I haven't done much with them other than swatch them on a nail wheel, but they seem pretty ok. They were really cheap too about 9$ for 10 polishes (not including shipping).

Finally the last of my Korean polish haul - these little Hello Kitty polishes. I'm not exactly sure how much polish is inside the bottles, but they're smaller than the Cosline polishes. Also only swatched them on a nail wheel. Polishes are ok, but the brushes kind of suck.

Lots of new polishes to play with and will need to find some way to store them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red Fishnet

I don't really wear red on my nails too often, but with Valentine's Day coming up I thought I would do a red look. This is two coats of joe - Tomato stamped with Rimmel Lasting Pro - Black Satin. Images are from Konad plate m57. Topped it off with Orly Matte Top.

This mani didn't last too long. Tip wear was horrible after a day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Post - Ribbons

Dinner soon so just a quick post before eating. Pale minty green franken as base with a pinky coral as the ribbon with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri white as the outline for the ribbons.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thai Arcylic Bows

No more cooking for me so I was able to do my nails. Decided to try out freehanding acrylic bows on my nails and this is the result. Kinda sloppy and for some reason the bows on my right hand look a bit better than the ones on my left hand. Maybe I'm more careful when it comes to doing my right hand. I'd give myself a B or B-. Definitely prefer these over the bows from the acrylic mold. These are much flatter, don't feel heavy on my nails and I can easily put on mitts or gloves.

No base colour, I think you can sort of see some yellowness, but it's really not that bad. Tips were done with Milani - 42A Thai Tea and nail stickers were used for the flowers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine-ish Nail Wheel.

I haven't been painting my nails lately, 1. they're yellowing a bit so I'm giving them a breather and 2. lots of cooking for Chinese New Year, don't want any polish chips in food. So I did a nail wheel of designs one might do for Valentine's Day. It's alright, I only like a few, but that's why nail wheels are great. Try out a design on them before doing them on actual nails. Though sometimes it looks better on the nail wheel than my fingers. Probably 'cause it's so much easier to paint on something larger and I don't have to use my left hand.