Sunday, August 28, 2011

Neon Splatter

Another splatter, different from the droplet splatter of large plate A.  Large plate B has a full nail image with splatter lines.  Just used a bunch of neon colours and layered over one another.  Even though the purple was the first colour stamped it still stands out quite prominently.  The other three just weren’t as pigmented I suppose so they didn’t really cover up any of the purple.

Base colour is Wet N Wild Craze Mad Styles stamped with mini versions of Color Club Power Play, Limelight, Amp’d Up and Lazer Pink.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paisley Print

The pink looks much lighter in the pictures than it does in real life.  Dunno why.  Always liked this image from the Konad plates and glad I have this on the large plate.

Base colour is The Face Shop PK101 stamped with ELF Smoky Brown.

Super short post.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Houndstooth design from the large plate.  This one looks a bit awkward.  On some nails it looks like the darker pink was stamped onto the lighter colour and on others it looks like the lighter colour was stamped onto the darker one.  Weird.  I chalk it up to my lack of stamping.  However I will get back into it since I’ve got this large plate and I still haven’t used all the designs available on the newer BundleMonster plates yet.

Base colour is NYX Girls Heather stamped with a light pink ENAS stamping polish.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Plate Comparison

Here’s a pic of one of the large plates that I bought off eBay.  This one features the full nail designs.  I am going to do a comparison between the large plate and some Konad plates.  I would have done it with the other large plate with just individual designs, but I didn’t have any Konad plates that matched those designs.

One close up pic of the plate.

I just simply stamped all the designs from the Konad plates then did the large plate designs underneath.  You can click the pictures to see the differences and similarities better.

Overall the images on the large plate are good copies of the Konad designs.  Some images may be thicker or thinner.  Any gaps in the stamping is more my stamping error than the plate being off.

Here’s the first mani I did with the big plate.

Done on shortened nails.  Once again going shopping has made me chip the nail on my index finger and this time a bit on my middle finger.

Faux water marble looking design.  Base colour was a faux mini OPI that I got at a random store in Markham with KleanColor Metallic Aqua as the stamp colour.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Roses Again.

More floral nails.  This time taupe with red roses.

Two coats Etude House BR309 with acrylic paints for the roses with Etude House RD106 to added a bit of sparkle to the roses.  I don’t think you can really see shimmer from the red polish, it is super sheer and I only put a small dab on each rose.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Colourful Waves

Lots of colours used for this.  Two coats of KleanColor White as the base then I used the lighter colours to make a sort of wave or off centred top of heart on the nails.  Once that was dried I did same thing with the darker colours, but made it off centred to the other side of the nail.  Lastly added a rhinestone where the colour dips.

Colours from thumb
Light Colours - KleanColor Pastel Teal, Etude House PP903, Color Club Vintage Couture, KleanColor Pastel Yellow and Color Club Twiggie.

Dark Colours - Color Club Chelsea Girl, Color Club Pucci-licious, Color Club Poptastic, Color Club Wham! Pow! and American Apparel Malibu Green.

The colours in my pictures are a bit off for the pinks.  They’re actually brighter in real life, I don’t know why they photographed so light.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yellow Polish, Purple Flowers

More acrylic bows.  A different bow from the same mould as the one from before.  Three coats of The Face Shop YL701 Pastel Yellow with purple roses painted on with acrylic paint.  I didn’t really like the colour of the bows, they turned out darker than I thought they would.  Still ok.  I like yellow nails, but they don’t like me.  In real life it makes my hands soooo red looking.  Makes me sad, but I still love yellow polishes.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Polka Dotted With Acrylic Bow and Hearts

Decided to use my acrylics once again.  This time I used a mould with lots of bows and another one will hearts and circles.  Firstly two coats of Orly Blue Collar then used a dotting tool and white acrylic paint for the dots.  Then I added the acrylic bows and hearts and added a rhinestone to them for some extra pizzazz.  Need to work on using the acrylic moulds more. Or try not to use the moulds and just freehand some acrylic designs, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yellow Laushine Crackle

The formula for the yellow is much thinner than the pink and blue that I have.  I thought that it would not be opaque when I put on it, but as the cracks started appearing the polish became more opaque.

One coat of Color Club You Got Soul-ar with a thin layer of Laushine 17.  I should have done two coats of the Color Club you can see bald spots in the cracks where the base colour was thinner.