Friday, May 20, 2011

Color Club Scented Neons

Wicked Sweet

This is Wicked Sweet from the Wicked Sweet collection.  I did 4 coats, but I think 3 is okay too.  I just quickly did this before heading out to watch a movie and had some bald spots that needed extra coverage.  My pictures are sooooo inaccurate.  My camera just couldn’t pick up on the tealnees of shimmer and made the polish just blue.  Not great with colour correcting in editing programs so I just leave ‘em as is.  It’s a really great colour and so yum smelling.  This one smells like blueberry candies.  Also reminds of Tval’s Skin Smoothie in Blueberry Vanilla Parfait, but much sweeter.  After I removed the polish the scent lingered for a bit on my nails.

Yum Gum

This is Yum Gum.  Absolutely love this colour, three coats and again photos aren’t quite accurate.  Photos in natural light because the light box pictures were completely washed out that it made the polish look pale.  The colour is much brighter than what my pictures show.  This one smells like Juicy Fruit.  Haven’t chewed sweet gums in a while, but that’s what I’m reminded of when I get a whiff of the polish.

The heart on the ring finger was done using Cosline in 002 White.  I painted a strip of polish on a piece of scotch tape, left it to dry, peeled the polish from the tape, used a heart punch to punch out a heart, placed the heart on my nail and then topped it with top coat.  I could have painted it on free hand, but this way the heart is much more symmetrical.

Cannot wait to try out the other polishes.

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