Sunday, April 3, 2011

FOPI minis + Etude House

Went out shopping last Monday at Pacific Mall/Market Village. Bought some cream puffs (ate them before I could take a photo of them) and these faux OPI minis.

They were just in large tubs with a bunch of other mini polishes with no names or labels. The bottles themselves have some scratches or improper printing on the bottle. The bottoms have labels with a number and some words in Korean. They also smelled pretty bad. Here's a glittery gradient I did with the polishes above.


This is Etude House from I believe the Dear Darling line - WH020 Extreme Jewel.

I couldn't really capture it well on my nails, but it's mostly a silver glitter with purple, green, blue and red glitters thrown in too. This didn't stay on my nails too long. I think it peeled off the my index fingers the the second day of wear, which was the Monday that I went shopping. I walked around with polish on half my nails all day.

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