Saturday, April 23, 2011


Here's a couple of floral designs that I did.

This one I didn't really like and and took it off pretty much after taking the pictures. The green and yellow was just not for me. Sponged on Cosline - 203 Pure Yellow and 702 Spring Green. Then I used a dotting tool with a couple of Mood Struck polishes that I recently purchased from Winners. They came in a package of three with no names. The top left corner is what the flowers look like when cold and the bottom right is when the flowers are warm/hot.

This one I really like and currently have on my nails. I've seen this design plenty of times in Japanese nail magazines. It seems to be a popular design since it is in pretty much every magazine every month though usually in pinks/reds. The blue is an Ardene polish in Deep Sky Blue. They seem to have changed their bottle design once again. Third bottle design within a year. Used some Sally Hansen nail guides to tape off areas then used white acrylic paint. Instead of painting on roses I decided to stamp them on since I wanted them to be more uniform, especially on my right hand. Red and green Konad special polishes for the stamping colours using fauxnad plate F01. Glitter stripes were done using L.A. Colors Art Deco polish in silver glitter.

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