Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wheel Art

Haven't been painting my nails lately.  I've shortened and squared off my nails again since I wasn't liking the shape before.  But I have been doing some nail art on some nail wheels.

 Zombie Nails

From left to right:
1. A sort of zombie crossing.
2. Eye and nose with worm coming out of the nose.  The pupil streaked down when I put on a top coat so it sorta looks like the pupil fell out of the eye.  I don't think that can actually happen, but I left it instead of a fixing it.
3. Zombie eye.
4. Zombie hand, but you can barely see it, should have used a different background colour or a lighter green.
5. Hand reaching out from the ground.

Show Off Skeleton

Skeleton showing off some painted tips.

Octopus Attack

Not really Halloween-y, but I was watching an episode of Arthur and it was the episode that D.W. was afraid of octopi after watching a show and wouldn't go into the water at the beach.  So octopus attacking a boat.  Scary to somebody, real or fictional.


Also, Treat Yo Self.  I love Donna from Parks and Recreation and soooo happy that she was featured more in the latest episode.