Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Monster Ghosties

Saw a t-shirt at Bluenotes that had a bunch of different monsters on it and thought I'd draw them on my nails.

The shirt can be found here.  I don't wanna go through screen capturing and cropping the pic of the shirt to put it up here.

This is my left hand.  On the thumb it should be a wereghost, but ended up kind of looking like a bear.  Then we have an ugly ghost, a zombie ghost, a bat ghost and a frankenghost.

On my right hand we have a witchy ghost on my thumb.  From left to right we have uggo spideyghost, alien ghost, one eyed monster ghost, and vampire ghost.

Everything looks a bit like a mess and I didn't like it at first, but they slowly grew on me.  My favourite little ghost is the zombie one.

Two coats of Kleancolor Neon Orange, one coat of Kleancolor Holo Orange and acrylic paints for the monsters. 


  1. This is super awesome! Very cute ghosts! I can't believe you actually made 10 of them! I probably would've done only a few on each hand.. :)

  2. This is super cute!! I want to try it out! Soooo adorable!