Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Polishes + Tiny Hex Glitters

I saw these at my local Winners, decided to pick them up since they were inexpensive.  There was another set with green, orange, purple and white polishes.  The bottles with the black bows are matte polishes while the blue is a creme and the deep red is shimmery.  They don't have individual names or numbers and they're supposed to be one coaters, but two coats is best.

And recently some nail art supplies that I bought off ebay arrived in the mail.  I bought these tiny hexagon glitters along with some larger nail gems and some gold/silver ball chains.  Wasn't really sure what I was gonna do with them, but decided upon an argyle design to use the glitters.

My hands are drrrryyyy.  Indoor heating makes my skin dry and itchy.  Anyway, I used the blue polish from above along with some acrylic paint for the diamond shapes and then used the hex glitters.  So happy that the colour from the glitter doesn't bleed.  I had previously bought a different set at the beginning of the year, but they lost their colour as soon as I put on a top coat.

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  1. I just got some hex glitters on a whim too and I absolutely LOVE them, I did 2 manicures with them that I'm putting up on my blog soon and I think they're probably my favorite nail things ever.