Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haul + Girly Gothy

Went shopping again and because I had a teambuy coupon for American Apparel I bought some new polishes from them. 

Top row: L'Esprit, Dynasty and African Violet - for some reason the African Violet bottle is slightly rounder than the others.

Middle row: Mount Royal and two new shades The Valley Sunshine State

Bottom row: Two more new shades Pink Ladies and Sunset Blvd, lastly Summer Peach.  The colours are actually brighter in real life, but my camera couldn't capture them properly.

Didn't mean to buy this much, but they were in the process of adding new colours to the shelf so I bought more.


This isn't really my style, but I wanted to try out some acrylic skulls.  Looks alright I guess.  I think the skulls could have been more rounded and 3D looking.  I also used some gold beads to make a star.  A spider water decal for the middle finger.  And some stamping using the stars image from BM17.

Colours used KleanColor Black, White and Neon Pink.

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  1. I love all the American Apparel polishes lined up and stacked like that, so much color! Can't wait to see swatches :)