Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wet N Wild Craze Haul + Graffiti Nails

I haven‘t bought any polishes in a while, but then I saw these in my local Zellers and I just had to have ‘em ‘cause I liked the bottle caps so much.

Wet n Wild Craze polishes with Graffiti theme.  I only bought these five, but there was also a hot pink, red, black and white available.  The colours I did purchase are (from left to right) Scribble, Tagger, Undercover Graffitti, Art Crime and Scratchiti. I may pick up the others, but I don’t know if they’ll still be around the next time I visit.  The display I saw was very small with only one or two bottles of each colour.  If they’re still available upon my next visit then it was meant to be and I will buy them.

Here is a nail wheel swatch of the colours.

The only one that’s not really colour accurate in the photo is Scribble.  Purples and blues were never really photographed well by me.  It’s slightly brighter and less…plumy looking?  I dunno.

Here is a mani I did with some of the colours.

Not super happy with how this turned out, but it’s okay.  I sponged on all the colours except for the orange.  After looking at it I think I should have just colour blocked the colours so that there would be crisp lines of distinguishable colours.  Next I did some lettering with acrylic paint to write my name in a similar graffiti font to the bottle tops.  While taking pictures I realized I should have rotated the H 90º.  Oh well.


  1. I think this looks FANTASTIC! Amazing:)

  2. I like them a lot!! I think the sponging in the background is really good!

  3. @Hanna J and @paint that nail

    Thanks for liking this mani.

  4. Wow these colours are great! So bright and cheery. Are they very pigmented?

  5. So pretty! I must try this rub on stuff soon!!
    Do you have an email that I can contact you at? I do not see a contact on here.

  6. @Pam

    The pigmentation is decent. Two thin coats and it'll be opaque, but the brush may cause some bald spots for a third might be needed.

    And I can be contacted at geezleweez83[at]hotmail[dot]com