Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Bit More Hauling

Some crackle polishes that I bought off eBay way back in May finally arrived in the mail.

There were 40 colours to choose from, but I went for colours that I would wear often.  I quite liked them except for the fact that the colour turns darker after putting on a top coat.  You can’t really tell from the picture above, but in my mani pic below it is definitely noticeable.  However I still went ahead and bought a couple more.  You can get crackles from this brand at the born pretty store, but there’s not much selection there.

Here is the mani I did with L006

Base colour was three coats of Ardene - Malibu Splash.

On my nail you can see that with the top coat parts are light while other areas are darker.  I’m not really sure why that happens.  On the nail wheel you can definitely see the difference.  Looks better without shiny top coat, but I worry that everything would just chip off when washing dishes or showering.  Since it dries matte, maybe a matte top coat wouldn't change it.

Here's a polish I picked up from H&M.

My first H&M polish, Blue Wave - sheer blue with I think blue, pink and purple shimmer.  Quite pretty.

And now for a random photo.

Just a picture of blurry Instax photos of my recent hauls.  You can also see the additional Wet N Wild Craze polishes, they were still around when I went to buy some new hangers.


  1. love the crackle mani!
    those colors look adorable together! soft

    <3 BB

  2. I also got the pink crackle polish... Indeed the color turns out darker when you put topcoat over it. But I must say that the quality is very good for a low price!

    Love the blue one too!

  3. May I ask what the number of the blue crackle polish is? I want it tooo!!

  4. @KimsKie

    The blue crackle is L002

  5. These crackle polishes looks great! Can I get them online?