Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glittery(?) Splatter

Splatter nails done using large stamping plate A that I purchased through eBay.  I had wanted the Konad plate that had the splatter design, but didn’t want the other images on the plate so getting the big plate was cool with me.  Getting tons more images for the price of about three/four Konad plates.  Though I think some of the images on the plate are a tad smaller than what’s on the actual Konad plates.  Most of my Konad plates are full nail designs, but I’ll try to see if there’s any that match up with my plates and do a comparison.

Base was an XO Hugs and Kisses sheer pink with Wet N Wild Fast Dry Party of Five Glitters added.  When I swatched the polish on a nail wheel more glitters showed up than what’s on my actual nail.  I tried to use the same colours that were found in the glitter for the splatter.  Konad special polishes in sky pearl, red, pink, violet pearl and green and KleanColor Barbie Pink were the stamped colours.

Also I didn’t notice that my pinky was dented/smudged until I saw the pictures.  D’oh.


  1. So cute and fun, I really like all the manicures you do (: Keep it up, I can see you having MANY followers!


    KONKURSY - lewy pasek bloga.

    Dodaj do Obserwowanych.

    Zdjecia z sesji, backstage.

  3. Nice design! Love the basecolor too!

  4. Wow, I like the colorful splatters! Now I want to buy the konad stamp w/ the splatter :)

  5. I love how it looks! Is your base coat a franken? I couldn't find it anywhere and I really love it