Saturday, January 29, 2011

Copied! + New Glitter Polishes

Copied this nail look from 달빛샤워의 Coffee Break that I saw on Tumblr via kireinails - rainbow sponge. I was bored of the goldfishes and decided to do this. Can't help changing my nails up every few days. The purple, blue and green pretty much dominate and the pink is completely missing, nails aren't long enough.

Colours used: Innisfree - NBL04, joe - Powder Blue, joe - Mint, Innisfree - NYE05, frankened coral, joe - Kiss and Wet N Wild - Hallucinate.


Picked up some glitter polishes from a random dollar store that I'd never been to before. In the bottle they seem about the same. Differences - CR has more small glitters, thicker clear base and smells bad, SHE has hexagonal glitters and more of the red and blue glitters and doesn't really smell.

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