Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nail Venus Inspired + AA Metallics Stamped

Saw a design from the current issue of Nail Venus that I really liked and just had to do it.

Here is the pic of the nails from the magazine.  The copy I downloaded was cut off there so I don't know what the thumb nail would have looked like.  And this is what I did:

Super love!  Love the colour combination, love the look and love that it was super easy to do.

Thumb and ring - Two coats of American Apparel Dance, then I used Color Club New Bohemian to do the first chevron freehand.  I didn't have chevron nail guides and didn't cut up tape so I just eyeballed it.  The chevrons didn't have to be perfectly straight either since the gold stripe was going to cover up weird lines.  After New Bohemian I used American Apparel Make Up and lastly American Apparel Gold Flash for the gold lining.

Index - Three coats of American Apparel Dance, still has a bit of VNL, but I can live with it.

Middle - Two coats of Color Club New Bohemian.

Pinky - Two coats of American Apparel Make Up.

I didn't have any gold or silver studs to put on my nails so I finally found a good use for my larger hexagon glitters.  The gold hexagons looked best placed at the base of the nails so I did that for the index, middle and pinky fingers.

I will probably do this again in different colours.  I just love it.


Bunny Nails wanted so see an example of the American Apparel Metallic polishes stamped so here's a pic of them stamped on Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Black Satin.

At some angles it seems like the gold and silver polishes kind of look alike.  They all stamp very well, no gaps in thick lines.  Will stamp with them on my own nails soon.


  1. That is very pretty, I've never heard of Nail Venus before, I just might have to look them up for some inspiration. Good job on the mani.

  2. Very nice manicure! I always look at japanese nail magazines for inspiration. Thanks for swatching the metallic colors.
    Here is a manicure I did inspired some nail art I saw in September Nail Up! Magazine