Thursday, November 17, 2011

More New Polishes

My local Winners started stocking a lot more polishes.  There's now a couple of bins of polishes along with some nail displays of the China Glaze Let It Snow collection, Color Club crackle polishes, Duri Wine Tasting Party collection and Sally Hansen Fast-Dri polishes.  There's also a bunch of polish sets available from a bunch of different brands.  I saw a couple of sets of Barielle polishes available and since I've never tried them I decided to pick one up. 

The set I purchased included Grape Escape, Swizzle Stix, Do Unto Others, Blossom (looks more pink in real life) and Buddha-Ful.  And there was a another set that looked like it had some sheer nudes so I skipped them.  Here's a nail wheel swatch of the colours.

I think the flakiness of Buddha-Ful is hard to see in the swatches, but I have a mani for you see.

This was two coats of Buddha-Ful with Konad special polish in white stamped on with an image from Large Plate B.  The polish is pretty packed with flakes, but because the milky pink colour is so sheer I did two coats instead of one.  And because it's so sheer and I didn't really want VNLs I did the stamping.  Kind of crappy since I'm not so great with stamping nail tips. 

Here's what Buddha-Ful looks like layered over a couple of other Barielle polishes.

You can see the orange/green flakies better in this photo.


  1. The nail stamping over buddha-ful is very good. It gives a romantic look to your nails.