Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It Snowed!

It snowed today!  Light and fluffy snow.  But it didn't stay on the ground and melted all away in the afternoon.  Much better than the rain that we had yesterday.

Did this a couple of days ago, seems kind of wintry.  One coat  of Color Club Cold Metal, which was sort of unnecessary since the two coats of Color Club Jingle Jangle covered it up.  Stamped using Konad special polish in white using large plate B with an image that can be found on Konad plate M51.  Jingle Jangle is super sparkly but not noticeable in my pictures.  I really love the blue and purple glitters and I love the name Jingle Jangle too.  It's a bit like nonsense words that you might sing to yourself or something.

I bought Jingle Jangle in Color Club set along with another set from Winners last week.

Beyond the Mistletoe - Sultry Color for a Glittering Holiday and Backstage Pass - Glitter Shades to Rock the Stage.

And here's some others that I bought last week too.

A box of H&M mini polishes, three Gosh polishes - Black Passion, Blue Monday and Gasoline and some polishes from the aerie store - Pink Frost, Champagne Shimmer and Brownie Points.  Bought everything except for the Gosh polishes with a gift card and they were all on sale due to Black Friday sales happening on the Thursday before.  The Gosh polishes were also bought on sale last week but on a separate occasion when I had to stop by Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up something for my mom.

I am pretty sure I am set for a no buy in December, but I can't say I'll absolutely stick to it.  I'm already done my Christmas shopping and whenever I go grocery shopping I always stop by the Winners first.  And always to the polishes first too.  A habit I must break.  Early new year's resolution.


  1. These are beautiful! I can't wait to use my Jingle Jangle.

  2. Stamping over glitter looks very nice!

  3. I just love snow!! I live in the wrong part of the USA for lots of it though! These nails are awesome! Nice job!