Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liberty Charm

My friend who gifted me the polishes from Europe also gave me a teaspoon and butter spreader from Sabre Paris.  The butter spreader is a floral Liberty print and I thought it would be fun to try to replicate the print on my nails.

I didn't do a base colour, but maybe I should have, I dunno.  I was going to be doing super layered stamping so I thought a base colour wasn't needed  I used Wet N Wild Craze Mad-Styles, Etude House WH709 and WH708 to stamp on my nails multiple times until the the design was opaque.  I used my large plate, but the images I used can be found on Konad plates m60 and m64, the grid style images. I didn't count how many times I stamped on my nails, but quite a bit.  I wanted to achieve a woven fabric look, and I think it looks quite nice, though it turned out a bit dark.  The grey I used turned out darker than I thought it would when stamped.  The flowers were done using acrylic paint.  They look OK, but this style is not my forte. 


  1. The woven fabric look is brilliant and fits well with the flowers!

  2. Wow! the woven fabric effect looks neat! I loooove this look ;)