Saturday, September 17, 2011

Water Decals

I recently got some new water decals that sort of have a lacy look and could probably be done by hand.

First up is Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear Lacey Lilac with some black and white decals.  The decals are nice,  but kind of difficult to work with since they don't really move around like some other water decals I've used before.  Wherever you place the decal is where it's going to stay.  Kinda messed up on the ring finger, still looks OK though.

Another water decal, this time a more lacy look.  Used joe Seashell as the base colour.  I thought this look would be easily replicated so I quickly tried it out on a nail wheel.

The lace part would have probably looked better if I used a thinner pen nib, however this still looks alright.