Monday, September 12, 2011

EU Gifts

Long time no post.  I've just been kinda lazy and haven't really been taking pics of my manis in the past week or so.  So I now have a post that should've been posted sooner.  Some polishes from London and Paris from my friend.

At the end of August my friend went to London -> Brussels -> Paris for vacation and she picked up a few polishes for me.  I had wanted greens, oranges and yellows and this is what she gifted me.  Three Barry M polishes, three Top Shop polishes and three various French polishes.

Here are nail wheel swatches.  Some look like dupes of one another, but still different.  Kinda smudged Top Shop Bee's Knees so it looks rather sloppy in the pic.  All the polishes were really nicely pigmented.  Two or three (yellows) thin coats were needed for full coverage on nails.  Great polishes all around.

Here's a swatch of Barry M Spring Green on my nails.

My hand looks really tan in this photo, but the green looks lovely.

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