Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tangy Flowers

Was gonna be labelled as Tropical Flowers, but when I went grocery shopping I noticed the colours were similar to a box of Tang juice mix so Tangy Flowers it is.  Two sponged coats of Innisfree OR05, YE07 and GR06.  Then I stamped on some flowers from a fauxnad GCOCL plate C02 using Konad white special polish.  For the leaves and details I used acrylic paint. 

I was going to free hand the flowers completely, but thought that stamping would be faster.  I was wrong.  I think stamping might have taken longer than just free handing. 

Post shopping trip I also had to file down my nails to super nubs.  Major break on my right index finger.  The nail on that finger is always the one that breaks.  And always during a shopping trip of some sort.  Bleurgh.  The difference in nail lengths was too great so I had to file 'em all down.