Friday, June 17, 2011

Lucky Stars, Hello Kitty

I was recently gifted a box of candy from a friend in a cute Chinese take out box.  The candy was not yummy, but the box was lovely.  So I tried to paint the flowers on my nails.  Base colour was American Apparel Poppy.  Used the white ENAS stamping polish and fauxnad plate B87 for the Hello Kitty head and white acrylic paint for the flowers.


  1. I have the same candy, the little box is cute but the candies are still in them lol

    This is so cute, I love all the different places you get your inspiration for nail art.

  2. hey we both joined the contest! best of luck!

    followed! hope u visit me too!

  3. Olá querida adorei seu blog, adoraria receber sua visita em meu blog e se gostar por favor siga-me.
    Bjinhos muito obrigada!

  4. OMG I have that tin! I love your inspired design!!!