Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kleancolor Holos Skittle

Recently got some full sized Kleancolors since I liked the mini ones I had purchased.  Mostly holos and glitters, but I think I may also get some of the metallic ones later as I think they would be good for stamping.  The holo polishes are kind of sheer so I used two coats of a cream base colour for all of them and two coats of the holo.

Polishes used:
Thumb - Hello Kitty OP01, Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange
Index - Hello Kitty PK01, Kleancolor 134 Holo Pink
Middle - Hello Kitty BL01, Kleancolor 135 Holo Blue
Ring - Hello Kitty GN01, Kleancolor 136 Holo Green
Pinky - Innisfree NYE05, Kleancolor 137 Holo Yellow

Quite like the Kleancolor holos, very sparkly out in the sun.