Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magic Clay Bow

I bought this magic clay stuff from the dollar store. I think it's similar to Japanese paper clay. Not too sure, but it can be used to make little sweets like cakes and candies for decoration. I bought it to make bows. It's very lightweight and much easier to work with than acrylic. When the clay is dry it feels like foam. It also loses shape when it gets wet so it needs to be coated with something to prevent water from getting in contact. Below is the pic of the mani with the magic clay bow.

Magic clay bow, a few rhinestones and some stickers. Polish is Cosline - 104 Nude Pink Pearl (I found a seller on Gmarket that had English names for the polishes so now I can name the polishes).

Bow was made by rolling flat a small piece of the clay cutting out two diamond shapes and a rectangle. Make diamonds into triangles and then attach them to each other. Lastly wrap the rectangle in the centre to hide where the two triangles meet. Once dry I used a Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat to cover the entire thing. It makes it shiny and helps to keep the water out.

The foam also worked with my acrylic molds. Only the tiniest amount is needed and you can easily trim off the excess with scissors.


Will be posting about another Gmarket haul in the future once it gets here. It's taking awhile since I had a problem with a seller forgetting to send me a foundation along with the polishes I bought. Everything has finally arrived and it has been shipped. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of the week or early next week. Most looking forward to the bags I bought. All will be featured since I wanna win a Gmarket top blogger award and it seems the more pictures you have the better.

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