Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feb/March Gmarket Haul

My Gmarket order finally arrived yesterday. It used to take a bit longer to arrive when the packages would go through Vancouver first, but now they go through PIA. So tons closer and it doesn't sit in customs as long. Originally it was two different orders (the bags and the cosmetics), but I combined the orders together to have them shipped all at once.

I didn't do a big haul. The medium size Korea Post box and it's contents displayed after I took everything out of their individual boxes.

This bag was kinda smelly when I got it out of its packaging. Actually both bags kinda smelled. The construction is ok, no loose threads or exposed seams, but the fabric is meh. There's also a slight metallic sheen to it, but you can't see it in the pictures. The bag can be worn two ways. Top left with the strap or hand held like the picture in the top right. Overall the bag is alright, I didn't pay a lot for it, but it did look nicer on the site. (Item: 204162755)

This bag I was lemming after I saw it on colorlover's blog and video. She's got a ton more pics of the bag. It's really sturdy and boxy. That's what I liked about it. And it can also be worn two ways, short strap or long strap. Two compartments with two pockets. I like this bag a lot more than the other one. (172603594)

Holika Holika haul:

1) The things I purchased (middle right pic)
2) Everything else (bottom left pic) are the freebies that came with it.

I wanted to try out their BB creams, so I got two of them, the rolling one (195150896) and the aqua jelly one (191189904). The pore cover (202748721) was to bump up my order for free domestic shipping. I've only tried out the rolling one and I like it. I've only used it once so I can't say much about it. But it is hard to wash off. The rolley sponge can be cleaned, but it stays stained.

The large freebie bottle is a Pudding Bubble - Bubble Peeling Facial Cleanser. When I tried it on my dry dry hand my dead skin cells gathered up and was indeed gross. But when I tried it on my face last night nothing happened. Maybe I'll try it on it's own tonight. I had already washed my face and thought maybe the Pudding Bubble was an exfoliator, but it didn't do anything.

Finally more Cosline polishes (128281127) , same seller as last time, along with another VOV It Girls polish. And the VOV CastleDew foundation (134288297) that really held up my order because it was not sent along with the polishes. Just a backup for one that's almost finished, polishes was just cause. Why not.


  1. Lovely! How did u avoid custom charges though??

  2. Hiya, I don't normally get charged customs when I order from Gmarket. The only times I've ever been charged customs was when I purchased shoes from Gmarket.