Monday, February 6, 2012

Sponsored: Ask NailWear

Recently I was contacted by Lisa from Ask Cosmetics to review their new polishes and their polish remover.  I've never done anything like this, but thought why not.

Ask Cosmetics is a Canadian company and I've seen their products shown on The Shopping Channel since I was in my teens*, mostly their T.I.P.S. nail conditioner and also their Contour file.  I've only known about their nail care products, but they also have skin and hair care products.

Here are the products that I was sent for review:

A bottle of their Revival nail polish remover, base and top coat, four of their new polish colours in Rich Sapphire, Classic Peacock, Oh So Aubergine and Romantic Sunset.

First time doing a jump cut to read more 'cause this is gonna be a long post.

I haven't used the Revival polish remover very long so I'll give a proper review of that at a later date.  First impressions of the polish remover are that it removes polish easily, very conditioning, but feels a bit too oily for my liking and it's also very gentle, it didn't make my cut sting.

As for polishes here's a blurb about them from the company:

Features & Benefits: Nail Polish

1. Salon strength formula
2. Long-lasting wear
3. Offers a chip-resistant protective barrier
4. High shine
5. Free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde as well as camphor
6. Pregnancy safe
7. Vegan friendly (no animal testing done)

Here are my swatches - no base coats or top coats used

Rich Sapphire - The formula is thinner than the other three polishes and three coats was needed for full opacity.  This one was shiniest of the bunch without top coat.

Classic Peacock - I love this colour, though my photo is definitely brighter than it actually is in real life.  It is a slightly deeper shade in real life and a bit greener.  Maybe I need to adjust the manual settings on my camera.  Could be a one coater, also awesome for stamping.  Creme finish, not as shiny as Rich Sapphire.

Oh So Aubergine - Another colour that could be a one coater and great for stamping.  Colour is not accurate, it's slightly darker than this.  If American Apparel Imperial Purple is the chubby oval shaped eggplant then Oh So Aubergine is more the elongated eggplant.  Creme-finish, same shininess as Classic Peacock.

Romantic Sunset - This polish has shimmer in it, but I don't know if you can tell from my pictures.  It is a two coater, but you can use it to stamp over very light colours or just over white.

The polishes are very pigmented and they dry very quickly.  You can touch your nails and even push down on them with your finger after a few minutes without smudging or denting the polish.  Super plus for that in my book since I sometimes don't do my nails until late at night.

As you use the polish it seems to get thicker as you go along.  It's especially noticeable with Romantic Sunset.  It doesn't get so thick that it's unusable and glompy, just thicker than when you started, a bit like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes.  I guess that happens to most quick drying formulas.  Even Rich Sapphire started to thicken up a bit as I was doing both hands for my wear test.

I did my nails last night to test out to see how long they last without chipping.  There will be another post about the wear of the polish and about the base and top coats probably on the Saturday or Sunday.   Hopefully I won't be too tempted to change my nails after two of three days.  Never really wear polish/a design for more than that long.  First sign of major wear and tear and it's off or until Saturday, whichever comes first.  I think a week is long lasting enough, at least for me.

You can visit Ask Comestics to find out more info and where to buy.  Also you can visit Lisa's blog for nail care information and giveaways.  There's currently  a Valentine's Giveaway happening, open internationally until February 14th.  You can win the Revival polish remover, Perfect Red polish, T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner and the Contour file.


*I love watching infomercials and products on The Shopping Channel, mostly kitchen gadgets and appliances.  However I never order anything from them.  I'll usually try to see if they have them in store locally and then think about it forever and might give in and buy it.


  1. I personally like their nail conditioning oil. The remover feels/works best when you add more acetone; 2 parts remover with one part acetone. Gives it less of an oily feel and removes polish better in my mind. I also like doing that because it makes the remover last longer.

    I have never tired any of their polishes yet though