Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  And happy belated Gal-entine's Day (Feb. 13), completely forgot about it until I watched the Parks and Rec Valentine's episode again.

I did three coats of Borghese Rapido in Capriccio Blue then proceeded to use acrylic paint for the polka dots and hearts.  Then I stamped using the Charming Nails Q1 plate and Kleancolor Black.  Filled in the bird with the same red and and white acrylic paint and then tried to restamp over top.  Thankfully the best restamp happened on my left ring finger.  The others were full of fail.  But I still left them instead of redoing them. 


  1. That looks lovely! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Wow... I thought you freehanded the bird. It looks very cool!
    Pretty manicure!

  3. I'm am in love with this mani and have been dying to get my hands in that sparrow plate!

  4. it looks so pretty! I love that bird ^_^

  5. I love this! i love that you coloured in the bird!

  6. Truly unique, well thought out, & lovely!

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  8. I LOVE this mani! that bird is so cute!!! I thought you freehanded it at first too! Blue and red is one of my absolute favorite color combinations so this is just beautiful!

  9. your nail art was really sweet!
    love it much. you should post about how to make this nail art!

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    thanks , xx