Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gold On Gold On Gold

I recently purchased what I thought were gold stickers from ebay, but they're more like really thin metal pieces.  They are attached to an adhesive sheet instead of being loose in a jar.  You kind of have to smoosh them down so that they'll adhere to your nail better, but some edges still don't lie flat.  Can be a bit annoying, but it's OK.

Started off with two coats of Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails 01 Sparkling Royal Gold.  Then I placed the metal bits and smoothed them down with a nail buffer which sort of made the residual glue on the metal bits turn dark and hard to remove sometimes.  Lastly a coat of Ardene Disco Ball which isn't really noticeable in the pictures, but does make the nails more sparkly.


  1. These are gorgeous. Do you think a gel top coat would fix the edges problem?

    Also: I've tagged you for 11 questions :]

    1. I think a gel topcoat would definitely seal it in better.

      Thanks for tagging me, but I have a hard enough time thinking of things to write along with my photos.