Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gold Glitter Gradient

Something quick and easy to do and it looks really nice.  So sparkly in real life. 

I applied one coat Color Club Gingerbread on just the tips and then let it dry.  Gingerbread is pretty dense with the glitter so it nicely covers the white part of nail tips preventing VNL.  Then starting from mid-nail I applied one coat of H&M Gold.  There's quite a bit of glitter in Gold, but not as dense as Gingerbread and the glitter is smaller than Gingerbread.  Lastly I did one coat over the entire nail of  Ardene Disco Ball.  Light gold-ish glitter with larger sliver holographic glitter.

Super love this, but I love glittery gradients.


  1. That looks so pretty and delicate!

  2. Love this gradidnt mani, you did a great job!

  3. So pretty!! I like the large hexagon or circle(I cant tell) its so pretty!

  4. I love it! glitter gradients are always so pretty

  5. This is so pretty!! Very feminine.