Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yellow Polish, Purple Flowers

More acrylic bows.  A different bow from the same mould as the one from before.  Three coats of The Face Shop YL701 Pastel Yellow with purple roses painted on with acrylic paint.  I didn’t really like the colour of the bows, they turned out darker than I thought they would.  Still ok.  I like yellow nails, but they don’t like me.  In real life it makes my hands soooo red looking.  Makes me sad, but I still love yellow polishes.


  1. i love this very feminine print!
    its a very gorgeous mani!

    <3 BB

  2. WOW! Sooo cuuute manicure!! I love bows, yellow polish, and adorable purple roses! I must try this mani!!! I can't stop looking at your picture:( Thumbs up, great job!:)

  3. this is gorgeous i love all the colours

    shel xx

  4. That is a truly wonderful mani!

    PS: You've got a little award on blog! (

  5. You have an award on my blog!!!!! Please check out!:)

  6. Super nails design...I like it very much...please join my blog...