Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Plate Comparison

Here’s a pic of one of the large plates that I bought off eBay.  This one features the full nail designs.  I am going to do a comparison between the large plate and some Konad plates.  I would have done it with the other large plate with just individual designs, but I didn’t have any Konad plates that matched those designs.

One close up pic of the plate.

I just simply stamped all the designs from the Konad plates then did the large plate designs underneath.  You can click the pictures to see the differences and similarities better.

Overall the images on the large plate are good copies of the Konad designs.  Some images may be thicker or thinner.  Any gaps in the stamping is more my stamping error than the plate being off.

Here’s the first mani I did with the big plate.

Done on shortened nails.  Once again going shopping has made me chip the nail on my index finger and this time a bit on my middle finger.

Faux water marble looking design.  Base colour was a faux mini OPI that I got at a random store in Markham with KleanColor Metallic Aqua as the stamp colour.


  1. this is awesome! love the designs

    shel xx

  2. Do these plates have a name? I can't find them on eBay...