Monday, February 14, 2011

Korean Polish Haul

Recently made an order on Gmarket and picked up me some new nail stamping things and quite a bit of polish. Ordered at the end of January, but because of the Lunar New Year I didn't get my packages until today.

I saw these ENAS rubber nail stamps and thought they were quite interesting and decided to try them out. I bought two kits from the only seller that I could find, (주)오케이아하. There are individual stamps that you can buy too, but I wanted to try out the kits before deciding to buy more. Price wise they're the same as Konad plates. I haven't played with them much yet, but so far it's pretty hit or miss for me. Need more practice.

A box full of Cosline polishes. I thought these were mini polishes when I bought them, but they're actually about 14mL or 15mL full size polishes. I haven't done much with them other than swatch them on a nail wheel, but they seem pretty ok. They were really cheap too about 9$ for 10 polishes (not including shipping).

Finally the last of my Korean polish haul - these little Hello Kitty polishes. I'm not exactly sure how much polish is inside the bottles, but they're smaller than the Cosline polishes. Also only swatched them on a nail wheel. Polishes are ok, but the brushes kind of suck.

Lots of new polishes to play with and will need to find some way to store them.


  1. I want those Hello Kitty Polishes! *weeps*

  2. i've just read this and dont know how to order Cosline polishes. how can you order and choose color? im in Vietnam so the fee shipping= ???
    aizz i really dont know =((
    plz tell me soon :(

  3. @Thao, I ordered the cosline polishes from gmarket You'll have to sign up for an account from them. From my link, you need to put the number of the colours that you want into the last two input boxes. From the drop down menus just select none unless you do want to purchase any of those items.

  4. okay, i got it. thanks a lot, moah moah ♥