Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ENAS Nail Stylists Stamps

First up, here's a picture of the process of how the stamp works.

1. Put some polish on the stamp. The kits I bought came with three colours each, but you can use pretty much any polish.
2. You don't actually need to put that much polish on, just enough to cover lightly will do.
3. To get rid of excess polish stamp it on some paper.
4. Once the excess is gone you're ready to stamp or do some clean up/remove some details you don't want to stamp with an orange stick/tooth pick.
5. Voila, stamped.

Here's the first manicure I did late Monday night. Messy and bubbly. Sponged on Cosline 207 (dark coral), 212 (peachy orange) and 211 (pastel yellow). Then I used American Apparel - Poppy for the butterflies and the flowers. The stems of the flowers is a green from NeedMe, no number on it. Rubber stamp A23 was used.

Next up, current nails.

Paw prints and bear face. Cosline 705 as the base colour stamped with two NeedMe polishes, one dark brown and one beige brown. Rubber stamp A15. This was a little difficult to do 'cause I had a hard time with the placement of the individual small paws. I also had a problem with using the right pressure to stamp, so it'd get all smudged and I had to start all over or parts of the stamp didn't transfer. Still learning.

Cosline polishes - Three coaters, but they dry rather quickly.
ENAS Nail Stylist stamps - Okay, but I think I prefer using plates more. Storage is easier for plates too. I'll continue using them, not sure if I would buy more, but who knows.


  1. Ooooh, my goodness! Where do you get these??? The website that i was on is all in Korean or something. ?