Monday, December 13, 2010

More Color Club Sets

On Friday I picked up a couple of sets of Color Club polish from my local Winners. I thought I had missed the boat on these, but they were just late to arrive there. I bought the Untamed Luxury set and also the All About Color set. I already have the Wild At Heart set that I bought at a different Winners previously

The names of the polish were listed on the back of the box, but I don't know which name corresponds to which polish. I'll just have to look it up later. Names listed are - 892 Soft as Cashmere. 894 Jewel of a Girl, 890 Wild Orchid, 901 Snakeskin, 898 Red Velvet, 899 Untamed Luxury and 895 Ready to Royal. Favourite of the bunch is probably what I think is 894 - Jewel of a Girl, it's grey with silver shimmer/glitter.

The All About Color set has no names listed. Sad. Mostly pretty girl-y colours. Favourite of the bunch = the blue one.


Also sad, whilst shopping yesterday I chipped three nails so now I gots the nubbins.

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