Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green on Green + Nude Stars

I've got a couple of manis to show today and first up is this sort of festive green on green one.  Two coats or maybe three of Barry M Spring Green with Color Club Perfectly Mol-Ten as the stamping colour.  I used SHANY plate SH20 for the pattern.  This pattern is wide enough for my thumb, but it's kind of on the short side.  Perfect coverage for shorter nails, longer nails would need to be double stamped.

Next up a nude colour with some sparkly stars.

Nails are still short so I thought I would change the shape for a more elongated and feminine look.  Three coats of joe Latte as the base.  For the stars I used a flimsy piece of plastic (scotch tape works too) and painted on a layer of Color Club Gingerbread (polish on left).  Waited for that to dry and then painted half of it with Color Club Take the Stage.  After everything was dried I peeled off the dry polish and used a star paper punch to punch out the stars.  Put some top coat on the area that I wanted the star and then placed the star on top.  Finished it off with two coats of top coat.

Here's a slightly better look at the stars.

I think I've done something similar to this before, but I can't remember when.  It's probably somewhere


  1. Latte's such a good colour on you! I love the stars too; I've tried using my paper punches on tape before but never had success. Looks great!

  2. The star manicure is so delicate and sweet :-)

  3. Wow... Love the stars-manicure! Very cute with the glittery stars! ♥

  4. These are so pretty! Love them both!